Add URL to Search engines

When you add your business listed on search enegines it helps your website get found in search results. The following helps in getting your website found in searches:

  • Adding your website in Google Business helps your website to get found when people search for your business in google. You can also add your business to Bing business listing in the same manner.

  • When you add your business listing to search engines make sure to add your website URL. This will help in your website showing in relevant search results.

How long does it take to appear on seach results?

  • There is no fixed time for your website to appear in searches as this is a process which improves overtime. The longer your website is active the more chances of your website appearing in search results. Search engines like google use crawlers to scan and index your website pages automatically. The meta tags of your website helps search engines in relevance of showing your website in searches.

Other ways to improve my website rankings?

  • Adding your social links to your website helps with your website's SEO.

  • Add your website URL to your social platforms and other relevant places.

  • Add a dedicated custom domain for your website.

  • Add your website meta data to help improve your website rankings

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