Free vs Premium

Building a website with weebsy is really easy, it offers a wide range of customizeable template to choose from. Wheather you are an established company or just starting out, you can select a design to suit your requirements. Please refer to the following feature comparisons between the Free plan and Premium plans :

  • Features Free Premium
  • Custom domain        
  • Custom emails        
  • Contact form        
  • Add favicon        
  • Remove credits        
  • Weebsy reseller        
  • Premium support        
  • Features:

  • Every free plan user can choose and select any template design
  • Switch between the templates to find your perfect theme for your brand
  • Free In-built domain as a web address, this will be the primary domain for your website
  • Every website has Free website hosting included, so you do not need any hosting provider
  • Fuly responsive design and mobile optimized, making your website mobile friendly
  • Edit your website accross all platforms from desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Add your own logo to your website, simply drag and drop and it will appear on all pages
  • Helpdesk center to help you getting started, and customer support to answer any questions

How to get started for Free

  1. To Get started with your first website creation, pick a template of you choice. Dont' worry you can always switch and select another design of your website if you wish. You can view all the templates by clicking here.

  2. Register and sign up for a Free account.

  3. Select your Website Title and In-built domain name.

  4. Once you have created a website you will be able to edit the contents of your website.

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