About Headlines

Log into your weebsy account and on the dashboard click on 'Edit Website'. Your website will open in editing mode where you can edit the components of your website.


What is a headline?

Headlines are important aspects of your website. They serve various purposes for example, they make your website look uniform accross various platforms. Headlines automatically change their font sizes depending on the screen ascpect ratio, for example: on mobile devices the headlines will scale down to a lower font size. If you manually change the font size it will remain the same accross all devices hence its important to keep the headlines activate whenever it's possible. You can choose between 4 headlines and Normal text which is a paragraph font. Feel free to edit the font styles on any part of website as per your requirements.

Headlines also serve as a key part to help search engines to gather information about your website and show your website in search results. For more information on SEO click here.

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