What is an 'In-built domain'

An In-built domain is the web address of your website. It is in the format of a sub-domain of weebsy.com. This does not contain any spaces or charcaters. When you write your in-built domain on the address bar of the browser it launches your website.


Creating an in-built domain

When you sign up for a new website, after registration this page will appear to enter your inbuilt domain name. You can choose your in-built domain in the area highlighted below. An in-built domain name cannot contain any spaces and characters. It should be written in lower caps without any spaces inbetween.


Can I change the in-built domain name?

Once you have choosen an in-built domain name it will be the primary domain for your website. You will not be able to change this however you can purchase a custom domain. A custom domain name will be your own domain decidated to your website. For example: yourwebsitename.com You can choose over 50 TLD's - .com .net .org .co.uk .co.nz and many more. For more information on custom domains please click here.

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