About Custom Domains

A custom domain is a dedicated domain for your website. You can choose from over 50 TLD's for your domain. For example: yourbusinessname.com - After you purchase a custom domain name you can add professional emails on your custom domain to enhance your business and strengthen your brand identity.

How get a custom domain

  • You can purchase a domain directly from your logged in area.

  • Get a free domain for 1 year on the advanced Plan.

  • Add a professional email address for your domain.

Advantages of a custom domain

  • Stengthens your brand identity online.

  • Gives your website a professional look to match your brand.

  • Helps to get your website found on search engines.

Difference between a custom domain and In-built domain

  • A custom domain is dedicated to your website.

  • You can add a professional emails only on a custom domain.

  • In-built domain is the primary domain of your website in the form of a sub-domain.

  • In-built domain is a Free domain for all users.

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