Connect a Domain

You can connect an existing domain to your Weebsy website. For example if you have bought a domain from another provider you can connect this to your exisiting Weebsy Website. Please note: This option is only available to upgraded plans.

How get a connect domain

  • To connect an exisiting domain you will need to change the nameservers to point to Weebsy.

  • Please chat with us once you have upgarded your account to help guide you thru this process.

  • Once the process is completed it can take upto 48 hours for your domain to propogate and your site to appear online.

  • After your domain has been connected you can also purchase professional emails to match your domain name.

Advantages of a custom domain

  • Stengthens your brand identity online.

  • Gives your website a professional look to match your brand.

  • Helps to get your website found on search engines.

  • Get professional emails to match your domain name.

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