Adding multiple websites

You can add multiple websites in one account, this makes it easy for you to mange and work with multiple websites using one account login without logging out.

How to manage multiple websites?

  • If you have multiple websites in your account, at login it will show you a list of all your websites.

  • Click on the website you want to edit and it will open up your dashboard.

  • To start editing another website in your account, click on 'All websites' and select another website.

How to start a new website?

  • If you want to start a New website click on 'Add a new site'.

  • Select the template design for your new website.

  • If you are logged in - a new site will be added to your logged in account.

Compare the difference between switching a template and adding a new site

  • Switching a template will keep your website title and in-built domain name the same.

  • Switching a template will only change the template design of your website.

  • Adding a new website will create a New Website - along with a new title and In-built domain name.

  • User must be logged in to switch a template or add a new website to an existing account.

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