Adding a Gallery Page

This is a ready layout page curated to showcase your images on your Weebsy website in a well crafted manner.

Style 1 (3 images)


Style 2 (6 images)


Style 3 (4 images)


Style 4 (4 or 8 images)


Style 6 (horizontal image)


How to add these layouts on my website?

  • Click on 'Copy' on the right side of the above code area

  • Log into your weebsy account and click on 'Edit website'

  • Select the page where you want to add this layout

  • Press the space bar once, then hold shift and press the left key once. You will see a pop up. Click on insert video icon and click on embeded code <> paste the code and press 'insert'

  • Press 'Save' on below right corner of your page before editing the layout

  • Repeat the above steps to add it again

How to replace the images in the Gallery?

  • Click on the Image

  • Press on 'Replace' = icon on the left

  • Drop your image in the box area

  • Do not drag the corners of the image as it will change the aligment of the images

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